We at Accessory Tree are committed to helping the environment by cleaning and reselling returned products that will end up in landfills. We are a 24/7 online garage discount store wherein you can place your orders if you want to buy anytime of the day. Regardless from where you are, you can truly avail and benefit from our service. Wonder how we can help you? It is so easy!
We get started by grabbing excess items and then we open the box products from big retailers. Upon receiving the items, each single item will be under the inspection process that will be managed and completed with the help of our well trained staff. Rest assured that the process will be done in the most professional way as this is to ensure the quality of the item for the benefit of the shoppers. When the item has passed the condition test that we implement, it will then be listed on our website and will be offered for sale with big savings. We accept a wide array of items, just about anything that people want to buy through the web.
Since our inception, we are dedicated to providing the best service for the benefit of our clients. We provide thorough inspection on the items we got, we make sure that they are ready to sale for peace of mind of those people who will be interested in buying them.
Also, we have been known for providing outstanding customer support. We make sure that our clients are happy with what they can get from us. We are giving our very best to ensure that we are able to meet their expectations in every possible way. In case that our clients have any concerns, we get back to them as soon as possible and we provide the best solutions to keep them satisfied with their shopping experience.
We ensure that the items to be delivered will arrive on time and in good condition for the benefit of our clients. Regardless of the amount of the products that you have purchased through us, we will ship the items to you without any delay.
Most importantly of all every order that is placed with us allows us to donate a tree to help better the environment. As a company we would like to be an example of how other companies, both big and small, can make contributions to help the world. At our facility we make sure all items that do not pass inspection gets recycled to prevent it to go into landfills. We try our best to turn profit into a way for all of us on earth to help repair damage. Though we only contribute little as of now as a small business we hope to grow large and strong to be able to make bigger contributions for earth.