Living green is actually a daunting process to some. But then, making eco-friendly choices is about being more responsible. Here are some of the certain tips to follow in living green this New Year:


#1 Turn off the Tap

You may be a person that simply loves the idea of leaving the water running. It is now the right time to be more responsible at it. Never leave the faucet on and it is a lot better to be mindful of the water that you use in a day. There are simply easier and better ways for you to save more water. Better yet, upgrade to energy efficient appliances for you to save more.


#2 Conserve More Energy

Change the light bulbs into energy efficient bulbs. The old bulbs may only leave your fingers burnt. Good news, there are easy projects that can help save energy at home. There is also no need to create a compost bin or a rain barrel.


# 3 Look for an Eco-Friendly App

This may sound a bit nerdy but an eco-friendly app helps you conserve energy. There are online apps and resources that can help you go green. The interesting thing about the eco-apps is that these help anyone to conserve resources into an exciting and fun game. This is also surely a one way of motivating you further. Apart from it, these apps teach kids about the significance of eco-friendly choices.


#4 Don’t Pollute!

If you have an idea on how to recycle your old electronics, do so. There are a lot of places from where you can bring all those items. It is also best to repurpose for them to look completely new.


#5 Be More Committed at Sustainable Shopping

You need to engage in sustainable shopping. This way, you can learn more about the materials and other essential factors. Apart from it, you are also contributing more to the green economy. Despite of your short budget, you can be feeling good about it. There are many discount websites available that offer products at a really low cost. You can find brand name products for shaving, hair care, oral care and more for up to 70% off retail price.


#6 Do-It-Yourself

Do-it-yourself has become more common for years. Even the DIY movement promotes the goal of being thrifty. This is also entirely about conserving all essential resources and using all items to accomplish the projects in mind.

It is best to be more creative and to get to work. You can simply be surprised at how it can be easy to do the task at hand.


# De-clutter your Snail Mail

With almost forty pounds of junk mail received by Americans every year, it is therefore essential to de-clutter your snail mail box. The good thing is that there are many ways on how to stop any of the unsolicited mail from cluttering your snail mail box. Just try looking up to thousands of article are Google on how to clean your snail mail box.


Apart from it, you can also de-clutter your kitchen counter, car and more. You are also on your way to saving hundreds to thousands of trees. And thus, you can further eliminate any of these annoying problems in no time at all.

Through the following tips mentioned, you are on your way to living green this New Year!