Looking For The Ultimate Electric Shaver? Phillips Norelco Provides An Array Of High-Tech Men’s Shavers That Are Bound To Give You That Clean, Up-Close Shave You’ve Been Yearning For

Philip’s Norelco is a top-notch brand men shaver that has earned a remarkable reputation in the men’s shaver world. It offers an array of excellent and durable shaver products, making it a brand that you can always count on when it comes to a fast and comfortable shaving experience. With the Philips Norelco electric shaver series, you are guaranteed to get the ideal razor for your unique needs. Every version presents a blend of outstanding features that gives you that instant clean, close shave. Currently, their shaver line-up delivers the best in technology and features for an exceptional shaving experience. Irrespective of your budget, you are assured to obtain the best performing and affordable shaver from their different line of products.

Incredible Features included in Some of the Best Philips Norelco Models

Philips Series 9000

The Series 9000 by Philips Norelco offers the best in blade technology as it strives to offer you with a quick, enjoyable shave. It features three rotary blades, each pivoting up to 30 degrees in any direction. With this inventive design, the blades capture more hair with each pass. The series 9000 comes with a three-speed setting feature, which enables you to adjust its shaving speed for a comfortable, yet effective shave, regardless of the length of your facial hair.  With the help of a front LED display, it is easy to tell if the shaver requires charging, cleaning or blades replacement.

Philips Series 8000

The Series 8000 from Philips Norelco exploits cutting-edge blade technology with its turning head to deliver an extreme level, comfortable shave. It boasts of cutting different hair length and types by its triple rotary blades, which contains small slots, grooves, and holes to capture all hair. Each blade surface has a smooth finish to reduce friction while shaving, hence protecting your skin from irritation. The unified trimmer also avoids irritation by cutting long hairs without persistent, direct contact with your skin. Furthermore, the adaptable head folds inward and curves outward to shave beard hairs close to the skin, inline with your facial contour.

Philips Series 7000

Norelco shavers focused entirely on offering the finest shave ever with the release of this latest triple rotary Series 7000 design. The incredible GyroFlex gives a most comfortable shave, even on sensitive skin area. The pivoting head moves around your facial contours with excellence unmatched to most other brands. The head turns effortlessly following the shape of your facial area, not needing you to apply much pressure when shaving, which in turn guards your skin against discomfort or irritation. Additionally, The AquaTec engineering enables you to have a dry, fresh trim, or even a revitalizing wet shave using liquid gel or foam.

Philips Series 6000

The Series 6000 by Philips Norelco features an amazing GyroFlex head, which moves with precision, around the curves on your face. Consequently, even the shortest of the beard is easily trimmed smooth with less effort and time. The unit is completely waterproof; hence you can use it in the shower or at the sink after a wet shave using a shaving gel or cream. The shaver can withstand up to 40 minutes of runtime after an hour charge. Also, you can quick charge it in three minutes to finish up your shave.

Philips Series 4000

The Series 4000 is another top Philip Norelco shaver that includes a precise cutting system. The triple-rotary head turns around to continuously keep the blades in contact with your skin, even around very tight contours. With its innovative blade configuration, it quickly removes stiff hairs with a first pass. It withstands up to fifty minutes of runtime. Furthermore, you can easily rinse the blades under running water after a wet or dry shave.

If you are tired of getting disappointed, then acquire one of the Philips Norelco men’s shavers and say goodbye to your disappointments. It cuts normal shaving time by half without sacrificing results giving you a really smooth skin finish and a great shaving experience. You can never go wrong with a Norelco shaver.