Imagine a man who walked over the Earth for ninety two years, usually broke yet never lost, inspiring some other people to plant trees. He was the one who organized three thousand warriors from Kenya within another hidden society that was called “Men of the Trees”. He was also the one who began some reforestation projects in India, Nigeria, Palestine and New Zealand and the one who went to court in order to save and help preserve the California redwoods for two times at an interval of 30 years.

For Richard St. Barbe Baker, a “healer” of the Earth, every kind of tree that we can see around us is an extended family member for him. He was born October 9, 1889 and died June 9, 1982.

Inspired by his experiences in having fun with trees during his childhood, this idealist who came from Britain trained himself to become a professional forester of earth. If any bureaucratic environment of his occupation caused frustration on him, he struck out on his own. He then spent the rest of his lifetime in traveling and visiting the different parts of the world to organize different planting projects and in books and speeches, raising public awareness of the requirement for more trees.

These days, we’re all called upon to walk in his footsteps. One objective of Earth Day 1990 is to have each person to plant at least one tree. This in fact is a wonderful goal to begin with. Some are going further already. Scientist James Lovelock planted 20,000 trees. Everyone concerned regarding the earth can consider individuals like Baker and Lovelock.

While trees can engross carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, they are important for fighting the negative effects of global warming that is being created by the excessive production of carbon dioxide. They are also capable of retaining water within the soil plus transpiring moisture in the air, they are, in part, responsible for continuing existence of most springs, the even river flows and the buildup of the rain clouds.

Furthermore trees consistently pull nutrients from subsoil and then drop the natural matter to the land. A mature tree is capable of absorbing about 13 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, whilst an actively growing, younger tree might be able to absorb as much as 26 lbs. of carbon dioxide each year, and that is about 5 tons for each acre of trees.

Knowing the many benefits of what trees do for us it’s a wonder why we neglect the proper treatments of tree’s and the future growth for them. We continue to slash and burn the few remaining acres of forest we have available on earth. Granted as a civilization we do need trees for supplies to make our society functional but that does not give us an excuse to destroy our planet and the future of our civilization. What we need is more awareness of deforestation and how it effects us as a whole to create a movement to eventually reduce the amount of supplies that are needed for trees and of course a proper plan of action on how we can repopulate the world with trees so that human nature and trees may walk together.

As a company we are currently partnered with Tree’s for the Future to donate a tree for every order that is placed with us. We feel that no matter how hard we work we should always give back to the world and our society from the benefits of a company. Inspirations like Richard St. Barbe Baker from the past and present are what keep us moving towards a brighter future for all of us here on earth. Keep in mind you may also donate a tree yourself by going directly to the Tree’s for the Future website or finding other organizations that do similar work. By spreading the word and keeping content about this subject we feel it is helping the cause, even if it is only a little. Our goal is to grow into a huge corporation so we can be a real influence towards environmental matters.

We’d like to thank for the inspiration of this article.