Every year, the growth of population in each country increases rapidly without people knowing and noticing it. In this growth, the rate of waste or garbage’s also increases, this is because the consumption of the materials is also increasing. Garbage can cause a lot of diseases that you didn’t want, illness and bacteria and many more are attached to these things. There are many ways to improve this kind of situation, and the cooperation of the people is a great part of this. Recycling is the very first thing that should be done in order to avoid too much production of waste. We have provided a list of items that can be recycled from home.

What Can I Recycle?

  • Metals
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Batteries/Bulb
  • Electronics

There is always the thought that in some other time, the room for garbage will run out. There are so many reasons and solutions to cut down the increasing rate of waste in many places, but the amount of the space that is left is a big concern. In order to achieve a goal where the amount of trash produced by human beings is much more minimal than it is today we will all need to contribute to a proper system and law(s) that need to be respected.

This is a big deal that should catch the attention of the world, for the reason that in some time the space for the waste is not enough, unless people will find a better and alternative way to dispose the waste. Other countries are doing this to preserve some space for garbage’s, like Sweden and America.

In America, in the past decades, most of the garbage are dumped and buried in the craters that are man made. Liquids that are in the decomposing pit may later on end up at the bottom into the soil and to the groundwater, and eventually pollute the water because of the chemicals. In 1976, the way of storing trash in America changed. Rather than having many trash holes placed all around the country, the law that has been passed during the year requires a gigantic trash holes with layers that is composed of either clay or plastic, or both. This reduced the number of landfills needed since the space would be much larger to hold trash.

In 1986, there where dumps counted and turned out to be 7,683 in the United States and by the year 2009, landfills are far way less, 1,908 landfills nationwide. This brings the problem in which can cause the decline of the disposal facilities. Trash in this generation has to travel farther, and the longer it travels until to its final destination, the more emission of the greenhouse gas.

Over the years, analysts that is from the Environmental Protection Agency, and the industry of the landfill assures that notwithstanding of the number of the landfills (fewer), its capacity has increased for better storage. With this it is stated that the landfills are getting bigger and bigger.

Landfill operators may build new pit form any places or piece of land in minimum of 6-8 years, but there are some people that just let their trash travel to the nearest landfill. Shipments of the trash may cause big problems in the future and also in today’s generation because of the dangers it may cause. It is important to look for a piece of land wherein it is not that sensitive ecological area.

As a company we love that we have the opportunity to be able to operate and be able to help the environment. By recycling the tons of returned products from major retailers we feel we are helping (even if it is a little) the environment by preventing it from going into landfills. We want to be an example to business both small and large to help contribute one by one to help find methods we can all use to improve the world. The trash problem is something that effects us all as a world. We feel this concern should be addressed more and with the proper facts.

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