Trash is becoming a huge problem in today’s world as the population begins to grow. One of the major problems from this is that landfills begin to fill rapidly as space to fill trash is limited. These landfills create many problems such as greenhouse gases that affect our atmosphere. In order to solve a world issue as big as this one it requires as many individuals to participate a small role in order to make a big change. One of the best ways to prevent trash to go into our world’s landfills is by recycling.

There are tons of methods that can be implemented at home to help contribute by recycling house hold products. We will explain what to do with each product by categories.

1) Clothing & Textile

We all have clothes in our closets or curtains, pillow cases, blankets, sheets and towels that are no longer needed. They tend to crowd up your space when too much of it piles up. Before you decide to throw it in the trash here are some ideas of what to do with your clothe and textile.

  1. Donate it to charity organizations before you decide to throw it in the trash. Look up on Google a local charity that is willing to accept clothing and textile
  2. There are clothing and shoe banks that can be found locally to drop off.
    -Find one close to you by using this tool “recycling locator
  3. Sell them on websites like eBay and turn recyclables into profit
  4. Of course you can always categorize them as “Hand Me Downs”. If you have a younger sibling, friends, or family that may possibly need it, give it them.
  5. Ask your local schools to see if they collect clothing or textile

If none of the suggestions above can be achieved because of a busy schedule or any other reasons make sure they are sent to the recycle instead of the trash. You can find recycling centers by typing “recycling centers near me” on Google search.

2) Furniture

The same applies with furniture when it comes to donating however the locations where it can be located may differ. Try finding charities that are willing to accept furniture to see if it can help another person in any way.

You may also try to

  1. Sell it on eBay
  2. Put up a Ad on websites like craigslist saying “Free Furniture”
  3. Why not try repairing it? Look up “how to” videos on Youtube to try repairing any damage your furniture may have
  4. Most recycling centers accept furniture since they are made of wood and metal. Try finding one near you to recycle.

3) Plastic Films

Plastic films are usually not accepted as a recyclable. However some plastic films can be recycled at larger corporations such as Tesco, Asda and Morrison’s. There are certain plastic films that are accepted as a recyclable and ones that are not. Always make sure to look at the packaging of the plastic film to see if it is recyclable or not.

Plastic Films Accepted Plastic Films Not Accepted
Plastic carrier bags Any non-Polyethylene film (e.g. PP, PVC, others)
Plastic bread bag Bubble wrap
Plastic bags from breakfast cereals Clingfilm
Plastic wrappers from multipacks of cans and plastic bottles Crisp packets
Plastic wrappers from toilet roll and kitchen towel Food and drink pouches
Plastic freezer bags Film lids from food trays
Plastic magazine (home delivery) and newspaper wrap

For a full list of what and how you can recycle at home please refer to this index.

Trash continues to build at a heavy rate everyday. The more we disregard trash the more problems it causes to our worlds that can affect each and every one of us. We want to encourage every person to recycle every possible product available around their surroundings as we do here at our facility for By learning methods and what items that can be recycled will be a huge help towards reducing our trash problem.

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