When it says environment, is something we all are familiar about. The environment is basically all that makes up our surroundings. Where you are and all the things around you is the environment. It is all those things that affect your ability to live here on earth – the air, water, plants, animals and a lot more. All these things are the environment.

A lot of people usually think that the environment are all those that are of the earth. They believe that the environment is made of things or materials that are related to the ground, or which you can physically touch. But, those are not the only things that made up the environment. Even things you cannot physically touch such the air you breathe are part of the environment. The water on the earth’s surface is your environment as well. Everything around you is practically part of your environment or that they are actually your environment.

Over the past few years, scientists have been examining the many ways in which people can affect the environment. In all those years, scientists have found out that people are causing harm to the environment. The environment is suffering because of air pollution, acid rain, deforestation and many other problems that are not only dangerous to the environment but even to people as well.

The environment or it is best to say the planet suffers from all bad things people have done over the years that passed. Nowadays, when it says environment, people would often refer to the planet’s overall condition or about how healthy the planet is. This is because they now understand just how important the environment is.

They also learned that while it is them that caused the problem, it is also them who can save the environment. What people need to do is work together and to raise awareness of the effects of our actions to nature. With that realization, people started to come up with solutions such as energy conservation.

There is the use of solar panels to harness the power of the sun and let the earth heal. Since the discovery and use of fossil fuels, it’s been used for so many years and now we are exhausting the earth’s reserve. With that, it’s important to look for alternative fuels and one of those is the sun.

With the sun, air and even water now used as energy alternative, people learn to save on energy such as in electricity consumption. At the same time, they began to follow green policies by using green or eco-friendly products. Use of plastic bags is reduced and people begun to actively recycle.

All these actions are slowly but surely helping the environment. It is helping the earth to heal and be able to provide our needs again. This way as well, people can start changing their habits and follow a more eco-friendly ways in doing things. With that, they are not only preserving the environment for today’s generation but for the future as well.